About Us

About Us

Our Story

In the mid-1990s, a grandmother gave her son two gold charms. She was an artist and had crafted these gifts herself to feature the unique fingerprints of each of her granddaughters. When her son woke up in the middle of the night clutching these charms, he was struck with the idea to create similar custom keepsakes—personal jewelry that would mean as much to others as his charms meant to him.

Steadily, Meadow Hill has grown from a middle-of-the-night brainstorm to a nationwide company. The power of the human connection, particularly through touch, guides every aspect of the work Meadow Hill renders. Each keepsake we cast forges a durable symbol of one specific and unique person—a fingerprint. We believe in creating, celebrating, and capturing memories of people and passions important to them.  Although our company has grown and changed over the years, we continue to work hard for the same reason: to ignite passion, heart, and soul in the human spirit. 

Our Process

No two prints are exactly alike.

Since 1998, Meadow Hill has used the ancient art of lost wax casting—a process perfected over 5,500 years ago—to preserve the intricate detail present in each print. Our lost wax investing and casting process, using vacuum technology and sensitively calibrated thermal readings, makes sure we pour liquid silver or gold into your unique mold at the ideal temperature allowing for the greatest of detail.

The skill to capture every ridge and valley, the starts and stops, and the life lines, puts Meadow Hill's print keepsakes above all others. A dedicated in-house quality-control team is on hand to catch any imperfections before they go out the door so that you can wear your piece with confidence and genuine emotion the second you receive it.

Our Products

Meadow Hill’s print-centric keepsakes celebrate everyone important in our lives, from newborns and newlyweds to deceased loved ones whose last touch we help ensure will never really be their last touch. 

Our designers have conceived dozens of designs for your loved one's prints—signet rings, cuff links, earrings, beads, and pendants, to name just a few. Engraving is included with most styles, allowing you to truly personalize your cherished keepsake.

The best way to preserve your loved one's print is in the highest quality metal, which is why we use precious metals—.925 Sterling Silver, 14k White, Yellow, or Rose Gold. Some select styles also come in Noble Bronze®, our proprietary metal formula.

What matters most is that you are fully satisfied with our products. This commitment to quality includes workmanship, metals, engraving, and our customer service. Our Customer Service Center is on hand to help and answer questions!


Meadow Hill warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year.


Repairs not covered in this warranty include:

  • Stone loss due to prong damage
  • Discoloration due to environmental factors
  • Discoloration due to allergic reaction to the base metal or its alloys
  • Damage due to wear, customer neglect, or abuse

Outside of this first year, repairs to damaged or worn pieces will be quoted based on standard jewelry repair costs.



The print(s) used to create your custom keepsake can be used again for reorders or for purchasing additional keepsake styles. In the event you wish to reorder, simply contact your original order source or call our Customer Service team toll-free at 877.848.6243 (847.381.9000 if outside the U.S).


If ordering a keepsake from the Phoenix Collection, we suggest you hold on to the un-used cremated remains that were returned to you with the original order, as these can be used for additional keepsakes, or in case of loss or damage to your original piece. 


Our .925 Sterling Silver keepsakes are nickel-free, making them virtually hypo-allergenic. Like any high quality sterling silver piece, tarnishing may occur when exposed to air. If Sterling Silver jewelry is worn daily, the natural oils in the body generally keep it lustrous for long periods. However, over time or if not worn regularly, a piece can dull or tarnish. Many customers like when their pieces acquire this natural patina as it gives the keepsake character and can accentuate the appearance of the print. If you would like to prevent tarnishing, we recommend cleaning it regularly or plating the keepsake when ordering. 


For customers who prefer their pieces retain the shine they had when new, Meadow Hill offers plating on most of our keepsakes for just $20 MSRP (Due to the manufacturing process used, Phoenix Cremation Keepsake and Beads cannot be plated after the resin has been added). While many companies use Rhodium plating, Meadow Hill uses Palladium plating, which is significantly more scratch resistant. If scratching does occur, Palladium plated pieces can also be re-polished to their original luster with very little loss of the plated surface.

To add plating to your online order, you can request this via the Notes section at the time of ordering, or call in to place your order. The additional fee will be added on to your total when processed.

If your sterling silver piece has already been purchased, you may return the charm to us and plating can be done for $20 plus shipping (with the exception of Phoenix keepsakes and beads). 



  1. If your piece is tarnished, first try cleaning with a jewelry cloth. Often times, simply polishing the keepsake will return it to its original shine. 
  2. If your piece is heavily tarnished, first remove the tarnish with a liquid tarnish remover following the manufacturer’s instruction. It only takes a second or two. 
  3. Never submerge jewelry with stones (synthetic or genuine) in tarnish remover or leave jewelry in the liquid for longer than a few seconds.
  4. Use a good silver cream polish to restore the shine and place a protective coating (and tarnish resistor!) on your piece. These are available in most hardware and grocery stores. Again, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

NOTE: Phoenix resins can withstand most household chemicals, but please avoid exposure to DEET, which is commonly found in insect repellents.