Phoenix Collection®

Phoenix Collection of Cremation Keepsakes

Most jewelry represents something. In addition to representing it, a Meadow Hill Cremation Keepsake is the something. Our newest line, the Phoenix Collection takes inspiration from the legend of the phoenix and its rise from ashes to help pay the greatest tribute to a loved one.

Our artisans—all of whom have undergone bereavement training—handle your loved one’s remains with great respect to preserve the deceased’s ashes in a specially developed, protective resin and set it securely into a hand-finished pendant or bead.

The resin has been tested to withstand many common household chemicals and comes in five rich colors: yellow, red, green, blue, and purple. Select pieces can be augmented with genuine or Swarovski gemstones. There are four primary designs—the Cross, Family Ties pendant, Infinity Heart pendant, and Bead—some of which, like our Thumbies, can feature a fingerprint.

We create each Phoenix Collection piece for you. Simply send us a bit of cremated remains using the specially designed kit that we provide. To request a kit, call 847.381.9000. (We will wait to create your keepsake until we receive the remains. Please do not send cremated remains without the kit as we cannot guarantee proper tracking.)