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Phoenix Infinity Heart Charm

Several hearts weave together to form the Infinity Heart Charm, a symbol of eternal love. Infinity Hearts feature a satin finish. Ashes are secured in a durable resin centerpiece that comes in yellow, red, green, blue, or purple.

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Keepsakes will be hand-crafted by our artisans and ready to ship within 7-10 business days. Following USPS regulations, the keepsake will be shipped Priority Mail Express (see below) and will be received within 1-2 days.

Due to the sensitivity of the contents, cremated remains are required to be shipped USPS Priority Mail Express. Following USPS regulation, these are marked as Cremated Remains and postage is approximately $25 each way. When ordering online, the shipping option in your cart will show UPS, but we are legally required to ship USPS. Shipping charges will be updated to actual cost—approximately $25—when your order is processed.

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Large Phoenix Infinity Blue Large Phoenix Infinity Green Large Phoenix Infinity Purple Large Phoenix Infinity Red Large Phoenix Infinity Yellow

Choose Color

In the Phoenix Collection, cremated remains are suspended in a water-proof resin, available in your choice of five colors.

Please note, resin colors will vary based on the unique characteristics of cremated remains.

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Engraving Options

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Engraving is included with a single line of up to 4 characters.

Please note, the size of your engraving will vary based on the keepsake selection, as well as the character amount requested to be engraved.

For aesthetic reasons, engraving done in the script font will not be rendered as all CAPS—even if requested as such—except in the case of initials only/monograms. Script initials look best when separated by either periods or a single space. (eg. M.F.M. or M F M)

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